Our very first apprentices in the UK

WIOSS Witron On-Site Services has entered exciting times as we currently focus on further developing the growth of the UK business to manage future business demands and new projects.

We recently began the installation of our newest project in the UK – in Warrington. It is the first of many OPM projects and brings the UK in line with the many North American, EU And Australian projects housing the latest intralogistics technologies.


As part our growth, and after extensive planning, we are very proud to introduce our very first group of UK Electromechanical Apprentices. We have a very strong team of long serving employees who have underpinned our success in the UK. To have the opportunity to add apprentices into the plan for the future is a huge investment and commitment. These new employees will be part of the journey, the Witron family and our future success.


Craig Goulding, Head of Service (UK) said, “This is a very proud moment both personally and from a business perspective, these young people have a wonderful opportunity, and they will be the future talents of our future business both here in the UK and as part of the global team!“

We hope our apprentices have a great time expanding their knowledge and that they take every opportunity to become the best in their field.

Lastly, we want to let them have their say to describe their impressions of working with WITRON:


“I am proud to be a WIOSS apprentice as I believe it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I think that it will be incredibly rewarding for me and my future and makes me believe in WITRON’S motto “WITRON Fulfils Our Dreams”.” – Zane


“3 months ago, I joined the WITRON apprenticeship scheme and over this period I have settled in very well into the workplace environment meeting new people every day, who are always happy to help and teach me new things and help to expand my knowledge. My colleagues help to guide me in the right direction making sure I am completing my work to the highest level. This apprenticeship is starting to open many opportunities to becoming a high quality trained electromechanical engineer.” – Oscar


“I am proud to be a WITRON apprentice as this is a massive opportunity to become an electromechanical engineer and be a part of the team. There is many opportunities when becoming an engineer and doing this apprenticeship is the perfect gateway. Everyone around me at WITRON have been a huge help and have been very supportive and have helped in making this apprenticeship fun and interesting whilst learning more and more every day.” – Lewis