Smoking Ceremony in Redbank

In January, our colleagues in Australia received a special honor. They were able to witness a traditional "Welcome to Country" ceremony of one of Australia's indigenous people. According to Aboriginal custom, they welcomed us to their land and blessed our logistics center in Redbank.

The "Welcome to Country" ceremony is an important tradition of the Australian indigenous people and has a profound symbolic meaning. It shows that Aboriginal people are recognized as the original inhabitants of Australia and that their history, culture and relationship to the land are honored and respected.


Part of the ritual is the Smoking Ceremony. This is used to drive away evil spirits and energies and to cleanse and heal a particular environment. Especially on official occasions, such as public events or conferences, these rituals are used.


This was also the case at the opening ceremony of our site in Redbank. According to Aboriginal custom, our facility and the participants in the ceremony, including CEO Christian Dietl, were cleansed and protected with smoke.


The ceremonies are part of the cultural identity and heritage of the Aborigines, so we consider it an honor and privilege to have witnessed this tradition.