WITRON rocks Opel Rocks-e

Charging station instead of gas station!
The new e-cars are practical, small and maneuverable. As of now, we have ten new Opel Rocks-e at our disposal for our company premises.

Our employees are full of #witronPOWER - and so are our new electric short-haul champions.   

In the future, the e-cars will be used within our company premises and thus perfectly complement the company vehicle fleet.  

In addition to several battery-electric Opel Vivaro-e vehicles, we now also have ten new Opel Rocks-e vehicles on our premises. With a speed of up to 45 km/h, these can be used for short trips between the plants or wherever they are needed quickly - and without any CO2 emissions.



WITRON rocks the Opel Rocks-e.