WITRON Group meets Formula Student

Finally, the time had come again. The tenth electric racing car of the Running Snail Racing Team was unveiled - and we were there.

We have been one of the sponsors of the OTH Amberg-Weiden student team since the beginning of 2020. Therefore, we naturally want to support the team as much as we can. Be it at the rehearsals for the business pitch or at the presentation of the racing car.


Both are very important dates for the upcoming season. The business pitch is one of the many disciplines that are included in the Formula Student ranking. The team members responsible for it showed us the presentation in advance to get feedback. Some of our colleagues were happy to take the time and give input on the presentation - which was gratefully received.


The unveiling of the race car was also an important event for the student team. In an evening event, the team gave friends, interested parties and sponsors an insight into the process of creating the RS23 and the technical highlights of the vehicle.


The OTH Amberg-Weiden student team has been building racing cars to compete against other universities in Formula Student since 2004 - since 2013 even fully electric. 


We wish the Running Snail Racing Team an unforgettable and successful season and keep our fingers crossed for them!