Personnel representatives in Parkstein

Visit of the Stahlfertiger

We had visitors from all over Germany in Parkstein. The staff representatives of our OnSite locations came to our headquarters for the annual exchange.

In addition to the intensive discussions and updates about innovations, there was also a tour of the WITRON Stahlfertiger – which was the highlight for the employee representatives.


After a short introduction to the company's history, Managing Director Stefan Voit led the group through the halls and explained which items are specially manufactured for WITRON and what special attention must be paid to during production. Another topic was the innovations that go hand in hand with the takeover by WITRON and what else is planned for the future.


All participants were thrilled with the insights they gained and were looking forward to sharing their experiences with their colleagues at their respective locations.


The HR representatives are a central link between our OnSite teams and our headquarters in Parkstein.