Stronger together

Teambuilding with a difference

Two of our OnSite teams had a team event with a difference. Both the colleagues from Wels and those from BeNeLux opted for a sporting adventure. The Spartan Race in Zell am See and the Harbor Run in Rotterdam were on the agenda.

Our Onsite Team Spar Wels at Spartan Race 2023

An extreme obstacle race like the Spartan Race is an enormous physical challenge and requires endurance, strength, speed and coordination from each individual.

Together, the team decided to take part in the Spartan Sprint category, a course of around 8.5 kilometers, peppered with a total of 20 challenging obstacles. The main aim was to master this sporting event as a team and strengthen team spirit at the same time.

The competition began with the battle cry of the ancient Spartan warriors: "AROO!" This moment symbolized a joint start and the determination to overcome all challenges. And so it began.

Right at the start, three muddy pools of water had to be crossed and three wooden walls overcome. The mountain that followed had further obstacles, some of which could only be climbed with assistance. These first few kilometers and obstacles were a real test of endurance, but the mutual support and determination of each individual carried the colleagues through all the difficult sections.

The motto "You will know at the finish line" became the driving force and then it was finally there, the moment everyone had been waiting for - the finish line. Exhausted but overjoyed, they reached the finish line hand-in-hand.

Together we can – Harbour Run in Rotterdam

Our WIOSS OnSite Team BeNeLux has also chosen a different kind of team event, the so-called "Harbour Run" in Rotterdam. This run takes place every year in Europe's largest seaport. In keeping with the mentality and hard work in the port, only one thing counts here - the team spirit. Our colleagues on site started with about 6000 other participants and had a clear goal in mind: to master the course of 10 kilometres and 28 obstacles side by side.

In keeping with the theme, there were some special obstacles, such as a maze of nooks and crannies and a run through a wind tunnel. Crawling under nets of electrical wires was also particularly 'exciting' - not for the faint-hearted.

But all the team members stayed together, crossed the finish line together and celebrated with many great memories and the clear intention to be there again next year!