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Our client builds on our strengths in the fully automated Lüttow-Valluhn logistics center.

Our automated logistics center is responsible for keeping the shelves stocked in grocery stores owned by EDEKA Nord. We are dedicated to keeping the whole site running without a hitch every day, so that the daily essential items needed by households throughout northern Germany are available on the grocery store shelves on time.

“Giving our best efforts every day and finding creative solutions. This is our mission. Would you like to be a valued member of our team? I look forward to seeing you give your all in Lüttow-Valluhn.”

Joris Kloska, Site Manager

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Corporate benefits, free parking, canteen, attractive sickness and disability insurance, paid leave for family occasions, for example, etc.

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We are there for one another and as a company we strive to always become better. You can look forward to being part of a great team environment.


Employees will have the opportunity to participate in our WITRON bonus program once eligible.

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WITRON has a tradition of observing “Special Days” in our employees lives and will provide added benefits or

bonuses to help celebrate certain milestones.

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We will provide you with brand name work apparel and professional tools to make sure all of our employees have the right equipment to do the job.

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Collaboration, an open-door policy, various company events and team building measures are a part of  WITRON. A company with modern values and positive culture is waiting for you.

Support & Opportunity

Performance is worth the effort. Your potential will be both recognized and supported. Career opportunities are available for all of our employees, come grow with WITRON. 

The future of goods flow automation in Lüttow-Valluhn

Facts and Figures

Together with your team, you will be responsible for keeping a highly automated goods logistics center running.


Site area: 76,000 m²

Client: EDEKA Nord

Workforce: approx. 24

Supplying: EDEKA Nord grocery stores


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