Apprentices on a language study trip in Ireland

Galway, Ireland - Improving English skills, learning about the Irish culture and exploring the island. A language trip that we made possible for two of our apprentices this year. Viktoria and Tobias spent three weeks on the Emerald Isle and learned a lot about Ireland and the language.

During the week, both were taught at Bridge Mills School from 9 am to 4 pm. In the morning they improved their business English and in the afternoon they worked in groups on different projects. The language spoken was, of course, English throughout.


The rest of the time belonged entirely to the apprentices. In addition to sight seeing in the city, Viktoria and Tobias also visited the rural regions of Ireland. They took a few pictures along the coast, in Connemara National Park and in many other places. 


Caution: The pictures are only available including wanderlust.

We provided the two apprentices with additional support for their project. We helped finance the trip and approved a few more vacation days so that Viktoria and Tobias could enjoy their trip to the fullest and come back with a lot of input and improved language skills.


Did you know? The Emerald Isle is home to more sheep than people. Around 1.6 sheep live there for every person.